Whatever became of that nice Liquid Diet website?

A few of the readers of my beer-focused blog have found their way over here and more are likely to because http://www.jackcurtin.com is, and has been for a while, inaccessible. We are working on it and might even do a redirect so that anyone trying to reach that URL will be directed to this site automatically until the issue is resolved or, who knows, forever and a day. I am having little or no help from WordPress folks and threads I have found in so-called “support” forums, some of them six years old, are shut down with a “this problem has not been resolved” note. I should stress that, since my site is self-hosted, those forums are not officially part of WordPress but rather run by people who use WordPress software to run their sites so I guess it’s not entirely fair to cast all the blame at the company. After a week of this crap, however, I am generally not pleased with anybody. Thank your time and attention.


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