Capturing hearts and minds. Or not.

Over at Liquid Diet, my blog about the craft beer world,. I made note this morning about a Budweiser advertisement from last night’s Super Bowl (a game that will live in infamy for the Worst Decision Ever made by a coach on the verge of winning his second straight title game) which has the craft beer folks in a tizzy of sorts.

Seems only fair that I should then note here that the best advert of the evening according to all the ratings was another Budweiser effort:

From The New Yorker  daily email…

The Worst, but Also the Best

For years, I’ve held firm to the objectively correct argument that puppy commercials are dreck, the lowest of an already low art form. Then I got a dog. And, now, the sight of a smushy, precious, tiny lil’ thing—mud-covered and cold, being led to safety by a team of horses into the waiting arms of a capable, denim-clad farmer with a heart of melted gold … well, let’s just say, advantage Anheuser-Busch. Not only did the “Homeward Bound” redux give me a sharp pang in the chest, as well as a dust-prick in the eye, it also almost made sense. There’s a sucker born every minute, and this Bud’s for you. This must be what it’s like to have kids.


2 thoughts on “Capturing hearts and minds. Or not.

  1. Liquid Diet has been returning Error 403 – Forbidden messages for me the past few days on a number of machines — is the site down for all, or is it a question of me trying to access it on “public” machines (where the institution’s networks might have issues) rather than directly through an ISP?

  2. It is a question of my web hosting site and WordPress not getting along at all and our failure so far to get things fixed. I can’t get there either so I’m sleeping on the cold, lonely streets.

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