Status Report 01/31/2015

As the first month of the year ends, this is where we are in America, the Insane:

The unprecedented attempt to undermine official U.S. policy by the Speaker of the House could turn into a cluster-fuck for him and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu according to one of the most right wing sites on the internets.

A Texas lawmaker wants teachers not only to be armed but to have the legal right to kill students who are “threatening school property,” whatever that means.

An Oklahoma GOP lawmaker wants the right to marry to be restricted to “people of faith” (Christians and Jews only).

Everybody, right and left, is making fun of Sarah Palin, who later went on Fox News to note that she never pays any attention to criticism while complaining about criticism on Fox News.

Also there were be another Super Bowl game. Let us always recall that when Dallas Cowboy running back Dueane Thomas was asked how he felt after playing in the ultimate game back in Super Bowl VI in January 1972, he asked  “If it’s the ultimate game, how come they’re playing it again next year?”

Nobody has ever been able to answer that.


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