This Sunday Morning’s TV talk shows today: I predict so you won’t have to watch.

Since he was shut out last week, I would assume that all the Sunday AM shows will be required by contract to have John McCain as the honored guest lest he crash a plane into their studios (if he does,  you can be sure that the explanation will be some form of “Both Sides Do It!”). They will surely ask him about the Palin family drunken brawl in Alaska this week and whether or not his choice of the grifter/half-term governor was a wise one, right? I mean, to not do so would…um, be pretty much standard practice.

Chuck Todd will definitely raise that question on NBC because Meet the Press is all new, all different, am I right? And if he can’t quite bring himself to the task, they will let Luke, Son of Tim, do the hard-hitting interview (I give it six months before NBC makes him the next host in any case because why not?).

George Stephanopoulus will take Sunday off on ABC but that’s no big deal ’cause that’s what he usually does. Maybe they can pour enough coffee into Peggy Noonan and she can explain Ronald Regan, just because that (and perhaps some gin) is the answer to everything.

Nobody watches CBS so maybe they will throw a bone to Lindsey Graham and let him have another on-air Panic Attack (you always get the feeling Lindsey is looking for somebody to throw him a bone, right?).

Fox will devote the entire morning to Benghazi.


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