I am seriously considering taking all my meager wealth, putting it into a sock and keeping it in a drawer. For sanity’s sake. And to lower my blood pressure.

Banks buying up other banks has always been a thing of sorts, but in recent times it has become a standard thing.  I’d suggest that the improvements which are always cited as the benefit of these takeovers are about as successful as John Boehner’s leadership in the House of Representatives.

A credit card company I use for long-term no-interest purchases when necessary changed ownership and its website while I was not paying attention. When I went online Friday afternoon to make a payment that was due, I got locked out of the account because the whole system had changed and (I guess, can see no other reason) I misspelled my password. Lockout was supposedly for two hours; it lasted from 2;30pm Friday to 9:30am Monday. In the midst of all this, to maintain the no-interest status, I had to go through an extended hassle with a service rep so that she would allow me to make the payment directly through her, something that usually calls for a $10 fee that I no intention of paying. Got it done, but wasted two hours of my life.

Today, I went to make a deposit at the local branch of a bank that I have used (under one name and/or ownership or another, granted) for more than three decades. I endorsed a check from one of my editors, filled out a deposit slip, indicated how much cash I wanted back and signed it. Until today, I would just hand that to the drive-up window teller and the whole process might take five minutes. This time it took nearly 25 minutes, due to a whole new “paperless” system which involved, among other things, papers I had to sign and a second document which detailed the entire exchange. Also, all the old familiar faces behind the counter were gone, I saw when I went inside afterwards to express my feelings to the manager.


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