A Buddy update.


This is pretty much how Buddy spends most of his time these days and, while that makes him less the companion and laugh-inducing performer who brightened my life for five-plus years since I rescued him, it’s a good thing. The Cushing’s Disease which plagues him can be a terrible burden sometimes when he’s awake, making him restless, incontinent and openly confused.

Late last week as I was preparing for a weekend at the Jersey shore with my daughter and her family, for which he would have to come along, he was so upset and manic that I decide to cancel because a strange location and all sorts of teenagers running around would surely have not been good for him. That decision drove me back to the internet to re-examine the research I did when all this became part of our lives in April. There are medications for this disease but they are tricky and long-term,; one misstep can lead to serious side effects and the medication goes on for the rest of the dog’s life. Regular blood tests become part of the dog’s life. When an adrenal tumor is the cause (which does not appear to be the issue in this case), surgery and chemotherapy are part of the treatment.

I went back to my research because I recalled mention of a “controversial” drug that did not cause any of the dangerous side effects and called the vet to discuss. He agreed it was worth a shot and said he’d look into it, then called back within minutes to say that another vet in the office had overheard his part of our discussion and said that she had just ordered this same drug for one of her patients so he had all the info to do an order for Buddy. Interestingly, that other vet was the one who was on duty when I took Buddy in a year ago when he awakened one morning without any seeming recognition of me or his surroundings. She gave a bottle of a new drug when was given to her as sample to try out and it immediately brought him back to his old self (I still give him one of those pills every morning).

So this is where we are, waiting for the new drug to arrive.


One thought on “A Buddy update.

  1. I sure hope the new drug helps! Buddy’s a great dog and I would like to know he is comfortable and happy. I know this is gonna sound crazy, but have you asked your vet about medical marijuana for Buddy? I do not know if that is even a thing but I was just wondering. Meanwhile, tell him I says HI Buddy, and give him an extra pat for me.

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