Would it be foolish to think that there are big smiles on everybody’s faces at NRA headquarters today? It would be foolish not to.

This morning I posted a link on the Book of Face to this story about a psychiatrist shooting an armed gunman who invaded a Philadelphia hospital, mostly to make the point that this was going to be something we would be hearing about from the NRA in days to come, the “good guy with a gun stops bad guy with a gun” meme that is that the heart of their arguments for everybody being locked and loaded all the time (the “loaded” part of that is way too often true). The doctor is understandably being hailed as a hero but, as of this afternoon, one of the still unanswered questions is whether he and the patient knew one another and that was the reason the latter brought a gun into a place where they were deemed illegal. If he did and did (know and thus carry), I guess it will become a more contentious issue than it seems to be right now.

I don’t like guns. Guns are freakin’ scary.

Way back when, I was a graduate student teaching a night class in English at Temple University. There was a guy in the back of the room who would periodically point an imaginary gun at me and pretend to shoot me. Even in those less crazy times, I got nervous and checked into him. turned out he was 30-year old veteran who still lived with his parents and was on some serious meds…AND he hadn’t been coming in to get them for the last month. I told my chairman either he was gone or I was gone come the next class. And a decade or two after that, in a Philly cop bar at 2am or so, a retired and drunken police captain pulled out a pistol and waved it around saying he was going to shoot me. The only other person the place, another cop who had earlier told me how easy it would be to stick a knife in my ribs and drop me in the Delaware River because he was unhappy with a story I was working on, jumped in to intervene and while they wrestled over the weapon, I got the hell outta Dodge.

I don’t like guns. Guns are freakin’ scary.


One thought on “Would it be foolish to think that there are big smiles on everybody’s faces at NRA headquarters today? It would be foolish not to.

  1. I am kinda neutral on the guns themselves. When I carried one on the job, it was always a lot heavier mentally than actually. I did enjoy the target and training though. Building a skill I turned out to have quite an aptitude for was fun. But never having to shoot someone or at someone is fine with me. Came close a couple times, damn near had to once. But it would have been legit.

    What *I* think is scary is that FAR too many people have ANY guns at all. Virtually nobody that carries ever has ample reason to use it at all, and far too often, a gun is used to hurt someone that did not need or deserve it, whether accidentally or on purpose. Carrying rifles into coffee shops and department stores, etc., just because you think you can is not only stupid, but dangerously stupid. As are the people carrying them in there.

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