The next President.

This mysterious blogger, who apparently lives not very far down the road from where I do, does a fine job of presenting the dilemma likely to be facing the liberal wing of the Democratic Party in 2016:

The coalition that put Barack Obama in office is stronger than ever and appears to be more favorably disposed to Clinton than I expected. Does she want to pick up their banner or does she want to shove Lanny Davis and Mark Penn in our faces and ask us to like it?

If she wants to pick a fight with progressives, there’s a good chance that she’ll see her support diminish substantially, at least in Democratic circles. Yet, she probably has that luxury and it might be too tempting to resist. There is so much room to run in the middle that it probably seems like the logical way to go. It might even maximize the size of her victory and lead, paradoxically, to more progressive outcomes.

This presents a quandary for progressives. Should we resist her coronation with every fiber of our bodies even though only about ten Democrats in a hundred agree with us? Or should we be solicitous of her campaign in the hope that we can have some influence over it? Should we give her a chance to run less as a New Democrat and more as a leader of the actual left-wing governing coalition?

Based on the polls I am seeing, Hillary Clinton doesn’t need us and may even benefit most by marginalizing us. Yet, this could benefit us in the end if she has the coattails to bring in a much more progressive Congress.

I’ve made no secret of my affection for Joe Biden in recent days and would be delighted to see him in the Oval Office. On the other hand, I would very much like to see a woman elected President in my lifetime and there is little doubt that Hillary Clinton has the experience and qualifications for the job. But when you get down to the nitty-gritty, I am, quite simply, for the Democratic candidate who has the best chance of winning and I will vote that way unless said candidate is somehow, some freakin’ near impossible how, worse that whomever or whatever the GOP has to offer. And if she (surely the appropriate pronoun at this point in time) can provide the coattails to bring along with her new members of Congress who can begin the long, hard struggle to recapture the House from the Crazies, that would be a grand thing indeed.

I hope the people who call themselves Progressives will vote for actual progress and not ideological purity.


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