Pohl on Asimov.

Frederik Pohl, whose The Way the Future Blogs is a site any SF fan should have bookmarked, has recently has a pair of posts devoted to his boyhood pal and SF legend Isaac Asimov. The first installment is here, the second here.

Go. Read. Thank me later.


8 thoughts on “Pohl on Asimov.

  1. Yowie! Thanks for the link. I had no idea Fred Pohl had a blog! Good one, too! I have the first two volumes of Asimov’s auto-biography and have read them both several times. (the third was actually like reading a book of tweets almost, like 300 pages of journal entries). Good to see him from the outside perspective of Pohl’s though since they were close then in their youth.

    I’ve bookmarked that site now and like you said I would, Thanks for pointing me to it!

      1. Thanks for the plug, Jack. I had no ideas of ever starting a blog a couple of weeks ago, and then all of a sudden, here I am blogging away. I’m catching up on all sorts of stuff right now, yours included. 🙂

      1. Well, that may be, but why start with a stranger’s blog when you can start with a friend’s? And before you make remarks about the calibre of my friends, pthbhppp!

  2. This is the sort of discussion which will inevitably attract former Border Patrolman, Serial Husband & Guest Whether You Invite Him or Not Carl (last name withheld because of FCC rules). We do not want that, now do we?

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