One more once, just because I can.

This blog is a successor to my long-time I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing blog. If our paths have crossed before, you likely know all about that; if this is our first time, you really don’t have to care. Yesterday’s gone, as they say. This is also a companion blog to my longer-time, never gonna stop blog, Jack Curtin’s Liquid Diet and that one you might want to check out because there will be some inter-connection between the two.

This will be a very personal adventure, commentary on anything and everything, political rants to comic book musings, serious discussions to crazed ramblings. Quite honestly, it’s more for me than for you because I need to say what I need to say more than you need to read it. Most of the time, at least.

This URL was host to a previous blog and you will find some ancient posts in the thread until they all scroll away. At one point, a cartoon series I did with my former (and sometimes current) collaborator Rob Davis, whose outstanding artistic interpretations of things born in my fevered imagination were the heart of this URL during that previous incarnation (the header above is from one of those cartoons); click on Cartoon Archive (here or above) to see what that was all about.

Rob and I also did a cartoon series at its own site called The Dubya Chronicles from January 1, 2001 to January 20, 2008, covering the tenure of the Worst. President. Ever. Sadly, that site has been taken down, but I do post cartoons from the archives now and again just to remind folks how bad it was. Stay tuned.


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