Buddy at the ol’ swimming hole…

What better way to relaunch than with Buddy, who’s been the star of most of my web presence for going on five years now.

Okay, he’s visiting a fancy pool at my daughter’s house, not the ol’ swimming hole, so sue me.  The ol’ swimming hole was just a wide spot in the creek down behind my cousin’s place that we dammed up to make it deep enough to swim, if you must know; those were the days when kids made their own fun and weren’t driven hither and yon constantly by their parents to participate in all sorts of organized activities.

Anyway, my son and his family were back in civilization from Idaho last week and yesterday we gathered round the pool. This gave Buddy a chance to inspect the Idaho grandkids…


…and then to loll about poolside with cousin Harley, my daughter’s pooch (sorry, the lighting and color are not so good on this one; I have me a cheap old phone, I do)…


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