Conan, Jay and the Suits.

The amazing contretemps going on at NBC TV these days seems to be settling into a story line: Conan O’Brien is a hero and a martyr (which seems about right) and Jay Leno is a dick (which seems a bit harsh).

Make no mistakes about it, it was the suits who screwed this up so royally. And the suits who will skate.

It will be even more fun watching NBC scramble to fill up that now open hour with new shows or old retreads.


One thought on “Conan, Jay and the Suits.

  1. Apparently, one of their first attempts to fill that vacant hour will be to extend, once again, their only successful on-going franchise: Law & Order: Los Angeles.

    The real trick here is that L&O:LA will be somewhat cheaper to produce than the NYC-based versions–LA is cheaper to film in, easier to get name guest-stars, probably considerably more studio-bound than the NYC versions.

    One problem: Unable to draw upon audience familiarity with the cross-over ensemble from the NYC casts…have to intro all-new MEs, DAs, defense attorneys, etc.

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