Chrome Was the Issue, Not WordPress.

Turns out that there’s some glitch between the Chrome browser and the RSS feeds. But as you can see at right, I now have feeds in place after going back to FireFox and setting them up. Chalk me up as less impressed and happy with Chrome now than I was a while ago.

ADDENDUM: See, I’m already getting confused. My post about being pleased with Google Chrome appeared in Mermaids and not on this blog. Sorry ’bout that.


2 thoughts on “Chrome Was the Issue, Not WordPress.

  1. Went to add this to my Google Reader Page via the RSS thing-ee. Google shows this as “Title Unknown” Not sure what this means but as you post new stuff here, if it continues to show as title unknown there I will copy it over for your perusal.

    VERY glad to see more posting from you,my friend!

  2. You can edit that Google Reader link to put in the name. I think the confusion is that Curtin’s Corner is not in the actual URL, which was one of the reasons I moved Mermaids from it. It all goes back to my registering and starting a blog on WordPress before I knew what the hell I was doing. So long as the feed works, be happy. Or not.

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