Homeless People & the Internet.

Fascinating article here using the above title (link passed along by Loyal Reader Carl P which is good because I missed it myself—Boing Boing is a great site but I visit so many regularly that I have to skim and sometimes miss the good stuff).

The story itself is quite  thought-provoking but the real treasure rests in the Comments. My favorite so far is this one, posted by “Anonymous” yesterday:

why, just why is it so hard for a country that can spend trillions on foreign war ratholes to set up public dormitories, bath houses and web access points? Just what exactly is the problem? Any high school administrator even could handle the logistics.

Making unemployment as dismal and horrible as possible is part of the plan. They don’t want there to be any visible path forward if you run out of money. As long as homelessness is painful and frightening, people will put up with anything to avoid it.

As long as you have to pay for everything you use, they can discipline the labor force by managing the money supply. If you could get what you needed in other ways, they’d have to pay you more to keep you at work, and treat you better on the job, and that is not part of the plan.

Lotta truth there, despite the semi-paranoia aura about the Big Conspiracy.


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