Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner! [OMG! Updated]

Given the acres of stupid spread like manure across the intertubes by our friends on the right, it’s almost impossible to determine the Most Stupid of the Stupid (some call it the Michelle Bachmann trophy) but this guy raises the bar pretty high for anyone trying to out-dumb him.

Read it all. Really.

I love this comment at Sadly, No! re: the assertion that Jesus would approve of torture under the right circumstances:

Perhaps ‘turn the other cheek’ was an instruction in a lost manual for securing the heads of torture victims. The Golden Rule — Now With Thumbscrews!

Mr. Limbaugh? Mr. Gingrich? Mr. Hannity? The gauntlet has been thrown.

UPDATE: Sadly, No! is a goldmine of revealed wingnuttery today and has uncovered another gem.

Go read this.

Roeten or Schulman? We report, you laugh like hell and decide.


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