Maybe it should be Jindal/Palin 2012 instead of the other way around. I mean, doesn't his phony Katrina story top her "bridge to nowhere" lies?

What could possibly be dumber than a Republican Governor of Louisiana bringing up Hurricane Katrina as evidence of….well, something or other?

Trying to make himself the hero in a phony story.

This is amazing because I know the Kenneth the Page wanna-be has to be  near genius-level smart.  All the Washington insiders keep telling me so and how could I ever doubt them?

Then there’s this guy, who’d make a great Secretary of State in the administration of the Dynamic Duo, no matter which one is at the top of the ticket.

Meanwhile,  Tom Delay and The Smartest Newt in the World are both back and talking up their 1990’s talking points.

And Joe the Plumber Opportunist is out there fighting Rush the Bombastic for the honor of being the right wing’s poster boy.

The Washington Times is attacking a teen-age girl.

And  Laura sounds like she’s drinking again (if you had to live with Dubya, wouldn’t you?).

The Grand Old Party: a tragedy and a farce all rolled up into one laugh riot.

These guys are much funnier without the spectre of Dick Cheney’s finger hovering over Bush’s finger on the red button.


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