Doesn't anybody bother to vet anybody any more?

It was obvious upfront that President Obama’s admirable but delusional hope that he could make his administration at least somewhat bipartisan would soon flounder on the inevitable rock of finding a competent Republican who was a not a screaming hypocrite/sexual predator/right wing nutjob/not-yet-convicted criminal/religious fanatic/whatever.

Who knew he’d quickly end up exposing  some Democratic wastrels as well?

I mean, aren’t new administrations supposed to be especially careful about appointees early on so as to make a good first impression?

Aren’t nominees who are deemed fit for such high positions supposed to be smart enough to know this kind of thing is only going to bring them down in a humiliating fashion?

Where do they find these people?

Here’s the latest one due to go down (deservedly) in flames.

I sometimes get the feeling that if all politicans just paid their damn taxes, our financial crisis would be over.


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