Of comics and problems. Sometimes both.

I thought I knew a little bit about most things comical, but Captain Al Cohol (about which you can learn perhaps even more than you want to at the link) is a new one on me. Be sure to follow the link in the story to Comics with Problems for more appalling hilarity.

Also in the comics vein (peripherally, so hang in there and it will eventually become clear), down here in Comments, a fellow named Rob Staeger checks in. Rob was once the young, idealistic editor of a weekly entertainment supplement which ran in the small chain of community newspapers which carried an early iteration of Liquid Diet, my beer column which lives on–against all oddsover here. Rob’s own site, Laughing at the Pieces, is well worth a visit. The comics fans among you will surely get a chuckle or two out of his links headings in the right hand column. I proudly note the appearance of Mermaids under Archie’s Pals and Gals.

You will all have noted, I assume, that shortly after I promised to start posting again in January, I…um…started posting again. There is surely some reason for this but let’s not try to figure it out and mess everything up, okay?


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