The great danger.

At this point, especially given today’s polls, it seems to me that the big risk for the Obama Campaign is that voters, especially those younger voters it is counting on in so many states, will decide that the battle is won and their votes don’t matter on Election Day.

If I were in charge, I’d begin right now–today–doing whatever is necessary to not let that happen.

Over-confidence is a killer and even if it does not bring down the top of the ticket, it could cost the Democrats some Congressional seats.

On the other hand, of course, I’d guess that a whole slew of GOP voters have already bailed, either because they think the battle is lost or because they are sick of the McCain/Palin BS but not willing to vote Democratic.


2 thoughts on “The great danger.

  1. Just to address this, I started my volunteering with the local office for Barack Obama and there is a LOT (from what I can tell so far) of pressure for GOTV work starting in WA tomorrow when the ballots are mailed out. I did phone calling for 3 hours yesterday and while a LOT of the people were not home, the amount of enthusiasm shown by the ones I did get in touch with was amazing.

    I was put on calling for volunteers to come in and help for the next 3 weeks and I had several tell me that they never felt like doing anything like this before but that this time they thought it was, to quote one 60 year old woman, “the most important election in her life”.

    I guess the office people that have been there for a while thought I did ok as today (I go in in a few minutes) I am being put on what they call “persuasion calls”. These are to undecided voters and independents. After tomorrow it is almost all GOTV work; arranging for rides to the polls, helping people understand their ballots and asking people to vote and get their ballots out in the mail. Here everyone can vote by mail if they want to.

    Yesterday was the first time I ever volunteered for election work and it was quite fun. Tiring after being on the phone for 3 hours but not one person hung up or was rude and that was quite amazing in and of itself.

    Kind of a good way to get back used to working a bit and definitely for a Good Cause. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised by how well Obama does in places they did not expect him to, but until this is over getting out the vote is the most important. keep your fingers crossed!

  2. Jack’s in the hospital! He’s doing fine, but apparently his appendix decided to rebel Friday into Saturday morning, perforated and then burst. He and I worked out posting the latest cartoon to “” (which is now up for your reading pleasure). He stated to me that he should be out in a few days and back to his normal oneriness. He does NOT have e-mail access at this time but those of you with his cel phone number can contact him that way.

    Best wishes for a quick recovery, Jack!

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