A great story.

Via my friend Dixon.

Not only is this tale by Today show contributor Bob Dotson heartwarming, but since selling stuff on street corners might well be part of more than a few American lifestyles in the near future, it is is possibly even instructive:

As the sun peeks over tall buildings, a dapper old gentleman, dressed impeccably in a $1,000 suit, squats on a New York City street corner. He is talking to himself, apparently absorbed in the joy of peeling carrots and potatoes.

Soon a woman headed to the farmer’s market in Union Square stops to watch. Then another. And another. The old man ignores them until the three are joined by a circle of people.

Only then does he look up, holding a long carrot. “Here,” he says quietly to the woman, “try for yourself. Just pull the peeler along the carrot. Easy.” His cultivated British accent makes her grin.

The old man continues his demonstration. People at the back of the crowd cannot see because he remains seated. “Come closer,” he whispers. “I’m not going to ask for money. You can keep your watch.”

Even the people in front have to lean in to hear. “This peeler is the finest ever made. Comes from Switzerland. Costs only five dollars. You can’t buy anything from Switzerland for five dollars these days.”

The woman rummages through her purse, pulls out some bills and dangles them in front of the old man. He ignores the money. “Now, why would you buy four peelers if they last a lifetime?” he asks rhetorically.

His eyes finally make contact with the woman. She’s holding five dollars; she only wants one peeler. “Well, you have four friends,” the old man replies to his own question. “That’s why you buy four peelers!”

And she does. Others buy, too, as fast as the old man can pull the peelers from a box.

In the garden of life, big things can grow from small beginnings … provided you use enough fertilizer.

Park Avenue warehouse
The man in the thousand-dollar suit sells his $5 potato peelers on New York City street corners six days a week. Ten hours a day. His name is Joe Ades, pronounced AH-des.

Joe Ades could talk a starving dog off a meat truck…

Go read it all.

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