In vino veritas? Or, if not there…in Entertainment Weekly?

I have to say I agree with this, from an “influenced” Matt Yglesias :

I’m blogging under the influence, so perhaps things aren’t quite as dramatic as they seem to me right now, but the bailout plan on the table right now seems to me like something of a crisis point for American liberalism. The plan is bad. But bad policies get enacted all the time. But we’re at a point now where congress is, allegedly, in the hands of progressive leadership. Simply put, if congressional Democrats manage to acquiesce in a plan that spends $700 billion on a bailout while doing nothing for average working people and giving the taxpayer virtually no upside in a way that guarantees that even electoral victory would give an Obama administration no resources with which to implement a progressive domestic agenda in 2009 then everyone’s going to have to give serious consideration to becoming a pretty hard-core libertarian.

And also with this, from that bastion of solid political thought and good sense, Entertainment Weekly, as one of its five (all excellent) ways to improve coverage of the upcoming debates:

Refuse to send any reporters to any candidate’s ”spin room” after the debate ends. I would rather watch an hour of Larry King trying to lick his own elbow than see a network surrender its airtime to professional surrogates for Senator McCain or Senator Obama who — unless their candidate fires a gun or falls asleep during the debate — will automatically claim victory. It’s called spin for a reason. To repackage it as ”news” isn’t just inept, it’s irresponsible. Tell the spinners to buy an ad (they’ve got the money), and instead give us smart analysis from commentators with a history of honesty and perspective, and an ability to admit when the person they’re supporting has screwed up. That should narrow the field pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, Maureen Dowd spends her time today writing about a fictional conversation between Barack Obama and West Wing’s Jeb Bartlett, everybody’s “escape president” during most of the Bush era.

You couldn’t invent someone so totally fatuous if you tried. Really.


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