A maverick without a party.

Some fool on one of the networks said last night that

John McCain finally has the Republican Party. It’s his party.


It’s Sarah Palin’s party. Anybody who paid any attention knows that.

She is the right wing dream they’ve nurtured for years.

A gun-toting, abortion-banning, religion-spouting ideologue with the added advantage of being a woman (not that Republicans are generally very interested in female candidates, but it does provide protective cover for her way-out positions).

More attractive than Rick Santorum, less girl-y than Lindsay Graham.

A right wing wet dream, even for the mens’ room branch of the party.

McCain is, at best, a means to an end.

So let’s review:

We have a GOP candidate running against the traditional mess in Washington which is the work of, well, Republicans.

That can’t be good.

We have a GOP candidate that, given their preferences, most die-hard Republicans dislike if not hate.

That can’t be good.

A dreamy Barbi who has to be hustled off to Alaska as soon as possible so that she does not say anything that hasn’t been scripted (by men, as it turns out) or read off a telepromter before she dare fact campaign reporters or appear on any TV show this side of Fox News.

That can’t be good.

Does anybody doubt that, if the election were to be decided on either of these two questions

Do you believe that the economy under George W. Bush is better that it was under Bill Clinton?
Would you prefer that the next president carried on with the same policies that have been followed by George W. Bush or would you prefer something drastically different?

…the Democrats would win going away?

Not that this means that this incredibly bad team cannot win.

Never underestimate the willingness of the uninformed and gullible not to buy into a silly fantasy promoted by some of the slickest liars in the game and, more often than not, promulgated by a compliant and weak-kneed press.


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