Vox populi.

Here is a self-identified conservative with a religious focus who makes so much sense that you have to wish all the people on both sides would follow his example. Of course, if he follows what he says, he’s a likely Obama voter, so I’m prejudiced.

This is from Karen Brown, posted in the Comments Section of his page (I seem to be doing this a lot today, do I not):

It seems to come down, it seems, more to tastes.A person making 10k a year, with a job with no prestige, no power, but they read poetry, or eat brie, even if it is a few times a year that they can afford it, or watch movies with subtitles, they’re apparently elite.

A CEO with literally billions of dollars, prestige, education, power, and influence.. but he has a certain accent, uses the right (or doesn’t use the wrong) vocabulary, eat a particular diet, looks like, at least, they don’t read those books, or watch certain movies, and they’re ‘just plain folks’.

After all, apparently a United States President, son of a President, born in Connecticut, from old money, who went to a prep school and two ivy league colleges as a legacy, and owns a million dollar ranch, and all it takes is getting a Texas accent and avoiding ‘two dollar words’, and nobody calls HIM elite.

This sort of thoughtfulness flies right into the face of the McCain’s Campaign to Nowhere (like a certain bridge we will be hearing more and more about). Americans are much smarter and wiser than they think and there is no way in hell of washing the Bush years and McCain’s complicity in its failures from the public memory.

I suppose you’ve all heard that the Obama Campaign has raised $10,000,000 in the 22-plus hours since spectacular Sarah gave her speech.

Let’s see what Johnny Mac can do tonight.


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