Rudy was a two-fer.

Any time the odious Rudy Giuliani is on the TV screen with that sneering demeanor which makes him one of the most unappealing politicians of our time is a good time for the Democrats. Indeed, More Rudy, Please would be my plea to the Repubs.

And more Mitt. More Delay. More Gingrich.

Oh, please god, a heavy dose of Big Dick Cheney.

Hate and spittle are so appealing. And so very Republican.

But I divagate.

Rudy was appropriately annoying last night and the good news was that he managed to be so for a lot longer than the convention handlers wanted him to be.

America’s Mayor‘s super-inflated ego led him to wander off the appointed grounds with a series of ad-libs, the consequence of which was that he ran way overtime, forcing the convention to cancel the Sarah Palin beautification video they had scheduled to run before her speech.

Like I said, a two-fer.


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