The Long Goodbye.

Say what you want about For Better or Worse (you can see today’s semi-farewell strip much large using this link),  and a lot of websites make a living off of how it has gone a whole lot sappy over the last year or two, but it was a really good comic strip for a long, long time and Lynn Johnson was not afraid of taking on issues such as gay rights, ageing, sexual harassment and the war. And she completed the circle just as she had planned, ending the strip where she chose, with a new family (Michael’s) where the children were the same age as the original’s (Ellie & John’s).

And she’s going to try and break new ground, telling the story over again from the beginning, with better art and new insights, starting tomorrow. That’s impressive. But why? Simple.

Johnson’s strip lasted 24 years, ran in 2000 papers, won a Reuben and was a Pulitzer finalist.

She can do whatever she wants.

That said, I can only image what Josh at Comics Curmudgeon is going to do with the panel at left.


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