Two bestest ever pals await their turn in the spotlight.

Still not entirely comfortable with teh internets but needing to be one of the cool kids, John McCain will, I understand, announce his vice-presidential pick via a guy on horseback who will ride from town to town around midnight tonight shouting “Mitt (or whoever) is coming!” “Mitt is coming!”

The anticipation is almost palpable.

Meanwhile, Republicans everywhere, having seen their prayers for torrential rains tonight on Invesco Field ignored by the deity, will try again, praying for Gustav to turn into a full-fledged disaster so that George W. Bush will bd unable to address the Convention since he will be busy…..oh wait.

That’s not gonna work.

Here’s how Dubya and Johnny Mac dealt with Katrina, in case anyone’s forgotten:

It was such a nice sunny day in Arizona. They hadn’t a care in the world.


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