Dubya Does Dallas (Coming Soon).

Little noted in the public discourse (since nobody pays much attention to him these days and those who do are running in the other direction), our beloved Preznint is apparently planning to leave his “ranch” and move back to the big city once, as the nation and the world breath a sigh of relief, he departs from public housing and the thrall of Dick Cheney.

Dubya told a Houston fund-raiser on July 18 that Laura has been house-shopping in Dallas, explaining that, while he jes’ loves li’l ol’ Crawford to death, the little woman is the decider now.

A cynic might suspect that, since he bought that famous brush-cluttered horse-less “ranch” just prior to starting his presidential campaign (after living in a high-rise condo in Houston for years) and is apparently moving on as his disastrous eight-year fiasco comes to an end, his entire cowboy shtick was nothing but a sham to fool the rubes.

Call me a cynic.

I will acknowledge this: Dallas is the perfect city for a perfect phony.


2 thoughts on “Dubya Does Dallas (Coming Soon).

  1. Well i just hope when he comes to dallas he decides never to indulge in public office. If he does that it will be the greatest service he can render to mankind.

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