Nonsense. But Real Loud Nonsense. That's Something, Right?

Jim Kramer, the guy who shouts about the economy and has made it work for him, was on Hardball with Chris Matthews tonight (The Screamer and The Obtuse Lout) and he was, well, screaming. But what he was screaming about kinda made sense, pooh-poohing the idea that it makes any sense at all to contemplate cutting taxes, particularly in light of the developing banking disaster.

So Matthews interrupts him, ’cause interrupting is what Chris does, and asks him, in light of this, who would be his choice for President at this point.

Kramer started with a “pox on both their houses” response, essentially saying both had no real clue what to do about the economy and then concluded “I would have to choose McCain because he seems so totally lost and has three months to figure it out.”

Wait, what?


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