How McCain Won The Past Week. Wait…What?

Mark Halperin over at Time Magazine says he did just that. It a was a week which he began by releasing his new economic plan, a plan so bad that even the Washington Press Corps (see “Mark Halperin”), which cuts him a break in every way possible, could not pretend made sense. Then he was flummoxed and openly embarrassed by a question out a vote on Viagra/Birth Control, escaping only by saying he didn’t remember how he voted. Almost immediately thereafter, his trusted financial guru, a man he has praised profusely and supported for President at one time, said that the current economic situation is all “mental” and called the American people a bunch of “whiners.”

This is “winning” the week?

Oddly enough, Rob Davis and I, not realizing that it marked a great advance for the GOP candidate, used the week past as fodder for this morning’s Dubya Chronicles.

Go figure.

(Please note that none of the questions posed in our cartoon would ever be asked of the Straight Talker by the press corps, who fell in love with him in 2000 and remains thoroughly infatuated. They may be inept, but they are clearly not fickle.)


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