It's All About Me.

I starting thinking about my career and life about half an hour ago. When you’ve been writing day and night for five days straight, the mind do tend to wander off onto boring topics whenever it’s given a break.

I began writing extensively in the comics industry in the late Eighties, early Nineties. Since then, while traditional comics themselves have struggled, the idea of those comics, the traditions of comics (costumed superheroes et al) have become hot properties and part of the national gestalt. Today you can refer to even the most obsure bit of trivia in the histories of characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The X-Men ors Spider-Man and pretty much everybody knows what you’re talking about. Heck, even one of my most successful short stories (i.e., it got published and I was paid) played off the Superman mythology.

Not long after, in 1995, I started writing about craft beers, at a time when the picture here in the Philadelphia region was pretty dismal. I’ve stayed along for the ride as the American beer scene has been transformed, as the mainstream Big Blands are struggled and the crafts are booming. Another heck: I even manage to make a living of sorts writing mostly about beer these days for various venues.

Now, there’s nothing to indicate that my early participation had anything at all to do with the subsequent successes in these industries. On the other hand, there also is no evidence to show that it did not.

So I think I’ll go with it.

The Man Who Saved Comics & Beer.

Whatta ya think?


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