Ain't No Stoppin' Him Now.

As he zigzags across the nation, catching Major League Baseball Games and visiting family, friends or anyone who will have him (apparently he dragooned and old high schoolmate he hasn’t seen in 34 years to take him in at one point), on his way East to marry off his only daughter and then spend some time here over the Fourth of July holidays, my pal and former gummint guy Carl Pietrantonio is posting a series of photo albums online. Of late, he’s added commentary as well, giving the pictures more meaning and perspective than they initially had, which is a good thing.

It’s an interesting record of one guy’s journey across America and kinda fun even if you don’t have a clue who he and others who appear actually are, especially for anyone who’s a traveler at heart and likes to see different parts of the country through another’s eyes.

This link takes you to Carl on the Road. Enjoy.


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