"You Pay HOW MUCH For a Bottle of WHAT?"

I’ve always maintained that if time travel were possible and someone from the middle of the 20th Century were transported into the modern world, he or she would notice, of course, the major changes in our society–women, blacks and Asians involved in every aspect of life; fashion, much of it likely shocking to a ’50s mentality; computers and the internet and all the technology which makes our lives more dramatically different from theirs that those of the 19th century, illegal wars and criminal presidencies, all that–but that the things that would startle that person most would be more basic.

One of those startlers would definitely be a topic of which I’ve said for years would be incredible fodder for a book. Well, I talked that talk but never even tried to walk that walk (story of my life), but Elizabeth Royte did and it sounds like a great read. The second to last sentence of the review, by the way, is a bit of common sense that has gone so far out of style that some folks will take it as an insult.

And since Tapped Out sounds like the sort of tome in which I’d like to make several notes and to which I’d be likely to refer in various posts and articles in the future, should it become available there, it might just be the final push I need to get me one of these. Love the concept, but suspect that, given the selection I’ve looked at, I’d use it mostly for nonfiction titles rather than fiction (aside from bestsellers, most of which I have no interest in). I read mostly fiction and generally pack a nonfiction book or two when I travel and it would be ideal for lightening my bag.

If I take the plunge, I’ll be sure to tell you all about it here.

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