Eyes Lowered, Head Bowed, Sweetly Aplogetic, I Beg Your Indulgence.

I seem to be constantly apologizing for the paucity of posting but here I am again. This week, at least, I have a pretty good excuse. I’ve just finished up some 6,000 words worth of stories for two beer publications over the past four days, a lot of photography-taking and editing (both to send to said magazines and to post on the web over at that other place), all of this following the big Sly Fox Bock Festival & Goat Race which you’ll see reported on extensively at that link.

So here’s the thing. Next weekend I’m off for four days in the mountains of northern Idaho and at the end of the month it’ll be four days in upstate New York and Montreal. While some of that will be about beer (everything is about beer, let’s face it), I’m sure I can find something interesting to write about on the road. This will be the first real outing for my new laptop, and I want to give it thorough testing for future travels.

Stick with me. As a bonus, I’ll post here a couple of times this weekend on some topics I’ve been thinking about, just to whet your appetites.

Or not.


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