Who Will Be McCain's Cheney?

I have just read, from a source about whose reliability I have no clue, on a private mailing list among people with whom I am unfamiliar, access to which I have unbeknownst to most of them, that The Straight Talker has weeded his veep list down to three, all governors:

Florida’s Charlie Crist, South Carolina’s Mark Sanford and Missouri’s Matt Blunt.

Take it for what it’s worth.


One thought on “Who Will Be McCain's Cheney?

  1. Missouri Governor Matt Blunt? He of “Blunt Trauma” who cut Medicaid payments such that folks could get wheelchairs but not batteries to run them? He the son of Representative Roy Blunt- Mr. Conservative just short of Ashcroft wing nut?

    Perfect match.

    *** Missourian Rob Davis ***
    (who voted for Mel Carnahan for Senator even after Mel died in an airplane crash and thus helping put the nation, at least temporarily, out of the misery that was Ashcroft)

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