61% of Contemporary Historians Rate the Bush Presidency Worst Ever.

The silly, foolish little man in the Oval Office keeps saying that he is counting on history to validate a presidency which ain’t nobody currently aside from the wingnut fringe saying much good about.

It would appear that his chances of that are pretty damn slim.

“George Bush has combined mediocrity with malevolent policies and has thus seriously damaged the welfare and standing of the United States,” wrote one of the historians, echoing the assessments of many of his professional colleagues. “Bush does only two things well,” said one of the most distinguished historians. “He knows how to make the very rich very much richer, and he has an amazing talent for f**king up everything else he even approaches. His administration has been the most reckless, dangerous, irresponsible, mendacious, arrogant, self-righteous, incompetent, and deeply corrupt one in all of American history.”

Can you even begin to imagine that sort of indictment written about any other president in our lifetime, even by his worst enemies, much less “one of trhe most distinguished historians” in a survey?


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