Final Two.

Saturday night’s NCAA games were both spectacular, with both Memphis and Kansas showing how and why they will meet in tonight’s Championship Game by thoroughly trashing two–let’s not beat around the bush–over-matched opponents.

Hey, Kansas beat North Carolina by two points more than they beat Villanova, ‘sall I’m sayin’.

This year’s NCAA tourney, overall, has been one of the best in recent years. I figure that’s because–and I’m going against my own heart and inclinations here–the favorites pretty much dominated after the first two rounds. Only Davidson was an unexpected intruder in the final round of eight. There are the rare underdogs who make it all the way, some who make it to the Final Four, but, mostly, when we get down to the nitty, their dreams are crushed in blowouts that just aren’t that much fun. Not this year.

I dunno who’s gonna win tonight and I have reasons to root for both teams. I haven’t even seen any lines so far, but I have to figure Memphis is the favorite. It all will come down to how well the Kansas defense can slow them down, especially Brandon Rush, plus keep Joey Dorsey from getting every damned rebound. Of course, Memphis will have to cope with two of the best college guards I’ve seen in a long time, Derrick Rose and Chris Douglas Roberts. In this game, with these teams, who have played one another in 21 years, scoring is gonna happen, no matter how well the defenses play.

The last time the met, in 1987, Kansas won 64-62. As Dick Jerardi says in today’s Philadelphia Daily News, that might be the halftime score tonight.


2 thoughts on “Final Two.

  1. Overmatched??? What are you smoking??? Must be some good stuff. People tend to forget that UNC dominated Kansas for a long stretch and don’t give me that lame, “We lost our focus b/c we had a big lead mess.” Carolina woke up and showed why they would beat Kansas in a best of series. Honestly, they are both very evenly-matched teams and Kansas stepped up defensively more consistently than we did. We came out as if we were playing Virginia at home…no intensity and no desire to play defense. That’s been our weakness all season. Not because we CAN’T play D. We have the athletes to be great defensively and had started committing to that end of the floor but we regressed back to the “Screw defense, I’ll just outscore you.” That just doesn’t work against very good teams.

    Even though ignorant Kansas fans make it tough to pull for them, I hope they beat Memphis. They showed up when it mattered and Carolina turned in a very uncharacteristic effort, especially down the stretch. Some of it had to do with Kansas’ play but a lot of it was just poor, sloppy play. Yea, they were gassed but you have to suk it up when it’s the Final Four. Kansas deserved it. Even if we had pulled it out I wouldn’t be so stupid to make ignorant comments such as Kansas was overmatched or overhyped or overrated. Stupid. All four deserved all the praise they got and most of the analyst’s I heard actually picked Kansas in the “one and done” scenario. If that same Final Four was played 100 times, all four teams may each win 25 titles.

  2. >If that same Final Four was played 100 times, all four teams may each win 25 titles.<

    I actually don’t completely disagree with that, except…. It’s hard to buy it and most of your first paragraph given what we all saw happen. A team that comes out with no intensity and takes a “screw defense’ attitude in the second most important game of the season is, IMO, “overmatched.” And their comeback was impressive, especially the effort of Philly homeboy Wayne Ellington, but a comeback is never dominating unless it goes all the way. What we saw was one team which, on this day at least. was way superior. And given your own comments about intensity and attitude, it’s hard to figure that NC wouldn’t lose much more often than it would win against Kansas. Even Big Tyler, for the first time I’ve ever seen, was flummoxed and out of synch.

    I suspect, when push comes to shove tonight, I’ll end up rooting for Kansas as well. But, shhh, don’t tell anybody, I think Memphis will win.

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