"You Shouldn't Have To Pay For Every Book You Read."

Speaking of book deals as I was in the previous post, one of my favorite writers has a great one going. Neil Gaiman and his publishers, HarperC0llins, have put the entire text of his award-winning American Gods up online.

It takes a while to load as you might imagine and don’t be fooled by the large empty white panel right after you scroll down from the cover. It really is the entire book, including the first, blank page.

Neil’s theory on giving away books is explained here. The quote up there in the headline comes from it.


3 thoughts on “"You Shouldn't Have To Pay For Every Book You Read."

  1. An intriguing idea and I’m pleased to see someone of Gaiman’s stature giving it a shot. I’ve just posted my supernatural mystery/occult thriller on my site for free, just to drum up interest in a novel that might otherwise just sit in a drawer until an editor or agent got around to looking at it.
    Why not get it out there, it’s a terrific book, took me over three years to write the bloody thing.
    I have a feeling more writers will be doing the same–especially if folks like Neil Gaiman are throwing their support behind the notion. Good post…

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