"This Is Not a Political Campaign, This Is a Movement."

Said by some Barack Obama factotum or other tonight in the wake of his landslide sweeps everywhere and anywhere during the day’s primaries.

Am I the only one getting just a little bit nervous about this sort of thinking?

The only one sensing a possibility that the Democrats may yet again snatch defeat out of the teeth of victory?

Or elect someone not ready for prime time?

A John McCain presidency would be a disaster.

A failed Barack Obama presidency could be even worse, and could lay the groundwork for the, yes, I’ll dare to say it, Fascist state that Dick Cheney and Karl Rove dreamed of (although it might come in the form of a religious coup based on the Huckabee “charm offensive” this time around).

Hey, I’m in a sour mood tonight, so it could be I’m giving in to the dark side.

But that doesn’t mean I’m entirely off base here.


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