Post-Cynical and Agnostic

Right now, you can count me, a confirmed post-cynic politically in this post-reality world, as an agnostic in terms of the Democratic presidential race. Either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would make a good president, I think, certainly an improvement over the potted plant currently serving as a front man for Dick Cheney in the White House. Hell, a real potted plant would be an improvement.

Paul Krugman, in his column today, pretty much sums up my feelings, including saying in more expansive terms what I said here last week. Woman or the black guy, either will be the target of smear-filled hate campaigns by the right wing which is so devoid of ideas at this point that hate is all it knows. And that’s not just throughout the endless campaign, but through out her/his term. There is a dark spirit alive in this country, a burning anger which is fanned incessantly by the hate-mongers and troglodytes of the right.

I do have a horse in the GOP race, I must admit. Go, Mitt, go. Old Johnny McCain is so blindly beloved by the movers and shakers of the political press that he might actually be able to wage a campaign with an outside chance of winning given the fluffing they will provide.

Mitt-mentum is our friend.


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