A Pundit Misspeaks.

Uh Oh. MSNBC White House Correspondent David Gregory just might be in trouble with the Washington power broker types. He made the mistake of blurting out the truth tonight on Chris Matthews’ “Hardball,” the show where truth usually goes to die a lonely death.

Answering a question from the panting one about the impact of the Ted Kennedy endorsement of Barack Obama today on the Democratic establishment and following the ongoing Matthews’ storyline that everything…everything…must be seen as an attack on, or error by, the Clintons, Gregory said (not verbatim, but damned close):

“They (the Clintons) have always been aliens here. They came from Arkansas… {sneering tone]”

In fact, of course, the pundit class has hated the Clintons from the moment they arrived, but one must not ever admit outside the seclusion of in-crowd parties.

You think I exaggerate? Remember doyenne Sally Quinn’s hissy fits about their not be the sort one invites to DC parties? Or David “The Dean” Broder’s claim that they didn’t belong in the White House and were trashing the place? Remember how both of those two ancient and irrelevant characters are mainstays of the (insert giggle here) The Liberal Media Elite?

I assume Gregory will be called into the GE offices and have his mouth washed out with soap because when you’re part of the Washington establishment, you never, never, never acknowledge that you all see the world as “Us” and “Them.”


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