OBama's Dream…or Delusion?

From the regular Friday email from the always worth reading Charles Pierce at Eric Alterman’s “Altercation site:

As I was watching the debate the other night — the Democratic one where Anderson Cooper came on afterwards and got to pretend to be Angelo Dundee — I was struck by Senator Obama’s resolute assertion that he was the candidate that can come to Washington and work with “independents and Republicans” to get things done. (One of his new ads has him sitting next to Dick Lugar, a Republican senator only slightly more relevant today than is Arthur Vandenberg.) I was struck even harder by it as I watched the Democratic Senate go supine, selling out poor Chris Dodd and the Constitution, and concocting retroactive alibis for the Telecom giants in a week where we finally got the empirical count of prewar Iraq lies. Here’s my deal with His Barackosity. Take the list of Republican congresscritters, House and Senate. Make me a list of 10 of them with whom you think you can work to achieve anything close to the progressive goals you have said you want to achieve. Give me an honest run, and I guarantee you that you can’t do it. You may get “something done” but it’s not going to have anything to do with anything resembling the values of the party you seek to represent. This is a party that has to be forcibly disenthralled from its lunatic base.

Obama’s apparent delusion that it is possible to work with what will be left of the GOP after the next election is my greatest concern as well. The next Democrat in the White House will be as demonized and hated as the last one and the media will play right along with the shit storm that will be stirred up by the Right Wing Scream Machine, except for periodic laments about how it’s the Democrats fault that we can’t all just get along.

If Barack is not ready to face up to that reality, if he doesn’t even recognize its existence, then he is not ready to be president.


2 thoughts on “OBama's Dream…or Delusion?

  1. Surely every one has dream(s). A dream usually is the reflection of our various activities and affairs during our daily lives….
    The “America Dream”, however, as we have heard frequently, is some sort of abstractive description, which means hope and success by making all efforts, combined with needed knowledge and experience, to reach that foreseeable goal.
    To senator Obama’s “America Dream”, he just DON’T have enough knowledge and experience to make it. If he got lucky, well, that’s going to be not only an immense nightmare to all of us, but also a distructive set back to this greatest country under the sun.
    Obams’s illusion ? Not enough, it’s should be Illusion + Delusion

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