The Final Post (but not the end).

Yeah, I’m giving up here. Surely you knew that was coming. I got a history after all…..

What I am doing is trying a whole new approach at the Medium website and I am doing so with the cartoon below, one I consider a classic from the days when Rob Davis and I skewered The Worst President Ever for eight straight years.


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It’s been fun. Most of the time.

Whatever became of that nice Liquid Diet website?

A few of the readers of my beer-focused blog have found their way over here and more are likely to because is, and has been for a while, inaccessible. We are working on it and might even do a redirect so that anyone trying to reach that URL will be directed to this site automatically until the issue is resolved or, who knows, forever and a day. I am having little or no help from WordPress folks and threads I have found in so-called “support” forums, some of them six years old, are shut down with a “this problem has not been resolved” note. I should stress that, since my site is self-hosted, those forums are not officially part of WordPress but rather run by people who use WordPress software to run their sites so I guess it’s not entirely fair to cast all the blame at the company. After a week of this crap, however, I am generally not pleased with anybody. Thank your time and attention.

Capturing hearts and minds. Or not.

Over at Liquid Diet, my blog about the craft beer world,. I made note this morning about a Budweiser advertisement from last night’s Super Bowl (a game that will live in infamy for the Worst Decision Ever made by a coach on the verge of winning his second straight title game) which has the craft beer folks in a tizzy of sorts.

Seems only fair that I should then note here that the best advert of the evening according to all the ratings was another Budweiser effort:

From The New Yorker  daily email…

The Worst, but Also the Best

For years, I’ve held firm to the objectively correct argument that puppy commercials are dreck, the lowest of an already low art form. Then I got a dog. And, now, the sight of a smushy, precious, tiny lil’ thing—mud-covered and cold, being led to safety by a team of horses into the waiting arms of a capable, denim-clad farmer with a heart of melted gold … well, let’s just say, advantage Anheuser-Busch. Not only did the “Homeward Bound” redux give me a sharp pang in the chest, as well as a dust-prick in the eye, it also almost made sense. There’s a sucker born every minute, and this Bud’s for you. This must be what it’s like to have kids.

Status Report 01/31/2015

As the first month of the year ends, this is where we are in America, the Insane:

The unprecedented attempt to undermine official U.S. policy by the Speaker of the House could turn into a cluster-fuck for him and Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu according to one of the most right wing sites on the internets.

A Texas lawmaker wants teachers not only to be armed but to have the legal right to kill students who are “threatening school property,” whatever that means.

An Oklahoma GOP lawmaker wants the right to marry to be restricted to “people of faith” (Christians and Jews only).

Everybody, right and left, is making fun of Sarah Palin, who later went on Fox News to note that she never pays any attention to criticism while complaining about criticism on Fox News.

Also there were be another Super Bowl game. Let us always recall that when Dallas Cowboy running back Dueane Thomas was asked how he felt after playing in the ultimate game back in Super Bowl VI in January 1972, he asked  “If it’s the ultimate game, how come they’re playing it again next year?”

Nobody has ever been able to answer that.

If anyone is out there….



Light a match so I can find you. Really.

If anyone is still paying attention here (that puts you ahead of me, sad to say), I took advantage of a new format/style/whatever (albeit one not far removed from the old one) in the hopes it might inspire me to be more action or just commit internet harikari one more once (someday I will list all the blogs I created and later abandoned or changed).

Or maybe I won’t. Anyway, tomorrow is another day. As is the day after. And the one after that.

I am sensing a pattern here and perhaps that does not bode well.

Those were the days, my friend, may they never come again…

I do not want to live in the past but the past does inform who we are today and I am proud to say that today is the anniversary of both the beginning and the end of project in which fine human being and great cartoonist Rob Davis and I spent eight years (2001 – 2009) telling the truth behind the lies and exposing as best we could in humorous fashion the absolute disaster wrought on this nation by the Worst President Ever in a weekly cartoon series titled The Dubya Chronicles.

The two cartoons below are the very first one we published as that era began on January 20, 2001 and the very last we one we published on January 20, 2009.